Intuitive Nutrition


The Swiss Diet Kit is based on the concept of Intuitive Nutrition, developed by  Dr. Mazourik, best-selling author of the book:

"Intuitive Nutrition: How to Get Guaranteed Weightloss"

which was translated into 18 languages.

This book offers practical advice on how to naturally lose weight and stay slim for life. The intuitive nutrition weight loss method (based on over 25 years of medical experience) will teach you how to eat while listening to your body. It includes: easy step-by-step guide that will help you master a correct nutritional behaviour, useful tips for weight loss and training tools on how to efficiently control your hunger.

WHat is Intuitive nutrition?

Intuitive Nutrition® is the skill to distinguish clearly between the natural feeling of hunger from social, emotional, and psychological motives for eating. The ability to make these distinctions to a great extent determines the success of effective weight loss.

The greatest advantages of Intuitive Nutrition is that it develops your ability to maintain a balanced food intake and once you know how to keep the balance you can keep it for life.

The Swiss Diet Kit by Dr. Mazourik specially developed to help individuals learn how to master intuitive nutrition.

Identifying your Feelings of Hunger with the Help of Satiagrams

Satiagrams have been developed by a medical scientific research team in Switzerland. A satiagram is a graphical representation of the relationship between feelings of hunger and satiation in various time intervals.

The main reason for the excessive weight gain is overeating. Overeating is often caused by strong hunger.

The Swiss Diet Kit will help you avoid strong hunger, reduce your portions, and therefore prevent overeating and weight gain.

How Does a Satiagram work?

A Satiagram shows the intensity of the hunger or fullness a person is feeling throughout the day.​

In the theorical scenario on the right, the person feels satiated in the morning and becomes increasingly hungry before lunch. At lunch time, this person eats and becomes fells satiated again.

If a person were to decrease their usual portion in this scenario, they would still feel hungry after lunch which leads to overeating later on in the day.

So how can we decrease portions, without going hungry?


In the same scenario as above, instead of not eating anything before lunch, the person eats a delicious Swiss Diet Kit chew with a glass of water.

After 30 minutes, the dietary fibers have expanded in the stomach, which causes the feelings of hunger to decrease.

At lunch time, as this person is physically less hungry, they are able to eat half of their usual portion, without feeling restricted.

Let's Compare both scenarios! In the first scenario, the person eats an average of 1000 calories during an average meal. In the second scenario, the person only eats about 50% of his usual portion, totalling 500 calories.

Just by feeling less hungry, it is possible to significantly reduce portion intake and decrease about 500 calories per meal.

If these steps are followed during dinner time as well, it is possible to reduce the total daily calorie intake by almost 1000 calories per day, which equates to 30 000 calories per month, or a loss of over 4kg of fat per month. 

During this time, it is especially important to eat nutritious food.

The Intuitive Nutrition concept is a unique weightloss system where the body does not feel hungry or restricted, extremely easy to follow and helping you build healthy long term food habits.

You can read more about how to implement Intuitive Nutrition into your daily life in Dr. Mazourik's book:

"Intuitive Nutrition: How to Get Guaranteed Weightloss",which was translated into 18 languages.

This book is included in all Phase 1 Swiss Diet Kits with a 4 week supply of Swiss Diet Kit chews.